Razor Burn Remedies

If you shave, you've probably experienced razor burn. Razor burn, including itchiness, red bumps, and irritation, is a common issue that can occur with shaving. If you experience this regularly don't worry, there are products that you can use and simple steps that you can take to prevent razor burn. 

What Causes Razor Burn? 

Many different factors can lead to razor burn, such as dry shaving, shaving too often, shaving too quickly, using an old razor, or not cleaning your razor regularly. Based on your skin type, you may be more prone to razor burn as well. More often than not, it is not the products you use, rather your technique. A proper shave requires a good technique and the best tools. 

How to Prevent Razor Burn 

You can take simple steps to prevent razor burn from ruining your clean shave. There is plenty of debate on the best direction to shave. Shaving against the grain (direction of hair growth) is actually a common cause of razor burn. To reduce the risk of razor burn shave in the direction of your hair growth. Keep in mind that some areas, especially your neck hair, can grow in different directions. Use short strokes, with light pressure.

Additional ways you can prevent razor burn:

  • Soften Beard - Use conditioner, such as this moustache and beard conditioner, and shave after a shower. The hot steam will soften your beard, leaving it perfect for a good, razor burn free shave. 
  • Exfoliate - Remove dead skin and bring potential ingrown hairs out of hiding by using an exfoliating facial scrub.
  • Use a Sharp Razor - A dull razor blade can cause ingrown hairs and skin irritation, as well as tear and drag your facial hair. It’s important to make sure you’re shaving with a sharp razor to avoid these problems. Safety razors make it easy to change blades, which is great for avoiding dull razors.
  • Clean Blade - Bacteria and buildup that collects in your razor will cause additional skin irritation and a poor shave. Use a clean razor each time you shave. Check out our post on 5 Steps to Take Care of Your Shaving Razor for some additional guidance.
  • Rinse with Cold Water - Rinsing your face with cold water after a shave helps close pores and reduces the risk of developing ingrown hairs.
  • Moisturize - Aftershaves, specifically those with alcohol, can cause some additional irritation. If you have frequent razor burn, use a beard balm or aloe vera based cream to reduce redness and irritation. 

How to Treat Razor Burn 

  • If you are experiencing razor burn often, you may need to reduce how often you shave. Give your skin time to properly heal before you shave again. 
  • Aloe or Avocado Oil are excellent to help cool your skin and provide comfort. 
  • If you are experiencing dryness or irritation, moisturize often to add hydration to your skin. Avoid lotions or creams with alcohol, as this will dry out the skin more. Instead, choose a light moisturizing cream free of fragrances or ingredients that can irritate razor burn. 

Take these simple steps to ensure that you face will look and feel great after each shave. 

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