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We believe that your personal care routine should be simple and effective. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and experience, along with exceptional products to create your own best shaving and grooming experience. 

New to wet shaving? Whether you're a wet shaving novice, are looking to improve your technique, or are simply looking for better products and tools, we're here to help you every step of the way. 

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Featured: B&T Shaving Cream

One of the keys to achieving a close, comfortable, and effortless shave is a quality shaving cream. The B&T Shaving Cream creates an amazing lather and provides a barrier to protect the skin while shaving. Specifically made with gentle ingredients that moisturize and protect the skin for a more pleasant experience. 

For the ideal wet shave, pair this cream with one of our shaving brushes to whip up a luxurious lather. 

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We believe your skin and hair deserve the best. That is why we work with experienced brands to offer the best, carefully selected products. 

All Your Grooming Essentials

From shaving, hair care and styling, body wash and lotions, to fragrances and everything in between, all of the products you need for your daily routine in one place. 

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