6 Steps to Grow And Groom an Amazing Beard

Growing a beard for the first time may seem intimidating, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can achieve a stunning look. We've broken down the process of growing and grooming so you can achieve your beard goals. 

Practice Patience

The beginning stages of growing a beard can be challenging. But with great challenge, comes great rewards. Your newly-growing facial hair will be itchy and may be annoying. Beards also often grow in patchy for the first few weeks. You'll have to push through these beginning stages and give it the time it needs to grow. You'll be amazing at the full, strong beard that you'll be able to grow once you've given it time. 


Keep it Trimmed 

While you want let your hair grow long enough before fully shaping, keeping it trimmed will ensure that you don't look unkempt. Trim your cheeks and neckline to keep a well-groomed appearance. If you have any stray hairs carefully trim the area, without shaving too far. Make sure to trim only the neckline, and not on your jaw. The shorter your beard, the more you should shave your neckline. If you are going for a longer beard, once your beard grows out you can leave a little more on your neck. 


Shape and Groom 

Your facial hair may look a little awkward, especially during the in between stages. You can easily avoid this by taking some time to shape and groom your beard. Shape and style your beard to improve its look. Shaping is better than trimming at this point, to avoid trimming too much and losing your progress. Products such as  beard oils or beard tonics contain natural oils that will help shape your beard, smooth coarse and wiry hair, and keep your skin underneath moisturized. This will also help with the itchy, growing stages. It's important to keep your beard clean. Just as you clean your other hair, it's crucial to clean your beard hair regularly. Use a beard shampoo  and beard conditioner to keep it soft and healthy. 


Choose your Style 

Once your facial hair has grown long enough, now is the fun part. Now you can try out different styles and lengths to find what works best for you. If you're not sure where to start, check out this guide on the best beard for your face shape. Be careful when trimming or shaving different styles. Take your time and go slow at first. Remember, practice makes perfect. Once you've perfected your look, all that's left it to keep it trimmed and and in shape. 

If you've been thinking of growing a beard but were hesitant to start, now is your chance. Follow these simple steps to achieve your best look. 


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