The Complete Beard Oil Guide

The Complete Beard Oil Guide

When it comes to beard care, beard oils are a game changer. This amazing product conditions and moisturizes the hair for softer, more manageable hair and can also improve the health of your skin and hair. Beard hair usually has a more coarse and rough texture than the hair on your head. Due to this, taming and styling can be difficult. Beard oil helps resolve this issue by helping you manage your beard and providing a more soft and flexible feel.  Whether you are looking to learn more about how these products work or are looking for a solution to some very common beard issues, this guide to beard oils will help answer your questions.   

What is beard oil? 

Beard oils are made from various natural oils and sometimes contain essential oils. The base is made from carrier oils, such as sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or argan oil. Natural oils are highly effective at moisturizing and nourishing your skin and hair and are also more gentle. Most beard oils also include essential oils for added skin benefits and a pleasant scent. 

Unlike traditional fragrances, essential oils are made from natural oils and provide a gentle and soft scent. If you are sensitive to certain fragrances, carefully look at the ingredient list for any scents or ingredients that you may be sensitive to. With a variety of different scent combinations and options, try different essential oils to find your perfect scent. Generally, the added scent from essential oils provides a very light fragrance that is not overpowering. 

Depending on your skin type, you’ll also want to look closely at the ingredients to see what exactly is included. Make sure that you’re using the best essential oils for your skin type. Certain essential oils, such as neroli, bergamot, and rosemary, include antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for sensitive or oily skin. If you have dry skin, look for an option with Lavender essential oil. When choosing any oil, the key to an effective formula is properly diluting the essential oils. If these oils are too strong, it may cause irritation or other symptoms. 

Due to the price of essential oils, high-quality beard oils that contain several essential oils are usually higher-priced. However, if you can afford these options your skin and hair will greatly appreciate the added benefits. Higher-quality options sometimes include Vitamin E oil for added skin and hair benefits as well. If you are looking for a lower budget option, look for a beard oil that only contains jojoba or argan oil. While it may not be scented or include the added benefits of essential oils, it still effectively softens and styles your beard. 

How does beard oil work? 

Beard oil not only softens your beard hair, but it also goes deeper to moisturize the skin beneath your beard, which is very important. When the skin beneath your beard is covered, we tend to forget about it. However, the health of the skin under your beard can actually play a big role in certain beard issues, such as dandruff, acne, and itchiness.  

When the skin on your face is covered by hair, it is missing out on the nutrients to hydrate the skin and keep it healthy. Beard oil is a great way to make sure the skin underneath your beard is staying nourished and moisturized. This can also help relieve common issues such as beard dandruff and itchiness. For those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, try a beard oil that includes essential oils with antibacterial or anti-inflammatory properties. 

One of the biggest questions surrounding this topic is will beard oil help with beard growth? The use of beard oil has not yet been scientifically proven to drastically increase beard growth. However, beard oils do promote healthy skin and hair, which may increase your chances of better growth. The oil nourishes and hydrates the hair and skin underneath your beard which can lead to healthier skin and hair, stronger hair, and less breakage. Healthy skin and hair is much more likely to aid in better growth. There has also been research around certain essential oils that, when used in beard oil, may promote hair growth. 

How to use beard oil 

The optimal time to apply oil is directly after showering or washing your face and beard. Shower or wash your face with warm water to open your pores. This allows the skin to effectively absorb the oils and get the most benefit. If you have very coarse or thick hair and dry skin, you may want to use beard oil every day to soften and tame your beard and keep your skin moisturized. If you have thinner hair, or if you have sensitive or oily skin start by only using the oil once every few days. As with any oil, you want to be careful how much you apply. Start with a very small amount, and add a little more as needed. Applying too much can give your beard a greasy look. 

Start with 2 to 5 drops of oil. Place the oil in your hands and massage it thoroughly, starting with the skin and hair on your face, and down throughout your entire beard. The oil works best when applied to slightly damp hair. A beard comb is the best tool to distribute the beard oil and help to style and groom your beard for a well-maintained look. For those with longer beards, use a beard brush to distribute the oil throughout your entire beard.


Finding the right beard oil for you depends on your skin type and scent preference. To help you get started, here are a few of our favorite beard oils: 

Clubman Beard Oil

Made with a blend of natural oils and a quick-drying formula, the Clubman Beard Oil is works well with any beard length, and the non-comedogenic formula is gentle enough to work with most skin types. Macadamia Seed Oil to hydrates and seals moisture into your skin and hair to keep it nourished and healthy. This option is great for trying out your first beard oil. 


Handmade Soap Co. Beard Oil

With a 100% natural formula, this oil is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Free from SLS, petro-chemicals and parabens, this oil is specifically formulated with the best ingredients for your skin. Keeps your skin nourished and your beard conditioned throughout the day for an all-day, well-groomed look. 


Clubman Beard Balm

If you are looking for something with a little more hold, a beard balm may be the right solution. This Clubman Balm is made with a base of natural beeswax, soy protein, and coconut oil. The balm helps you style and groom your beard while also conditioning and moisturizing your skin and hair. Balms are slightly stronger to provide lasting hold for those with thicker, coarser hair or who are trying to achieve a more defined, perfect style. 

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