Shaving Cream vs. Shaving Soap

Shaving Cream vs. Shaving Soap

You’ve probably seen both shaving creams and shaving soaps when looking for products. You may be wondering, what is the difference? Or, which is the better choice? We’ve listed the distinctions between each so you won’t need to spend time wondering which is better for your shaving routine.


The type of shaving cream or soap that you use is crucial in achieving a great shave. Both creams and soaps are designed to lubricate the skin and soften the hair before a shave; however, there are a few key differences between the two. 

A Brief History

Shaving soaps have been used for hundreds of years and were the classic way to shave for a long time. Shaving creams were introduced later and became very popular in the 1960’s. While you may be thinking of the chemical-laden aerosol cans that were prominent for years (and your dad probably used), we’re looking at something different now. Shaving creams have come a long way. Now there are higher-quality, concentrated options for shaving creams available, usually in a tube or jar. 

Basics of Creams

Shaving creams include water, making them easier to lather, either with a brush or your fingers. You can usually create a great deal of cushioning very quickly and with little effort when using a shaving cream. Their easy use makes them a great option if you are starting out and learning how to shave. They also require less time and effort if you are in a hurry. Some creams now include added oils that help lubricate your skin and prevent dryness. Look for quality ingredients and natural oils when choosing a cream. 

Basics of Soaps

Shaving soaps typically require added water and a good brush in order to lather and cushion. However, you can achieve an amazing cushion with a soap by using the right technique to lather and whip the soap. Practicing to get the right amount of soap to water ratio, using the right brush, and how to lather, paired with a good shaving soap will get you the best results.  

Once you have perfected how to use shaving soap, you’ll be able to create a lather with soap that is usually better than with cream. Shaving soaps are usually made with oils such as coconut or lanolin, and butters, like shea or cocoa. Oils and butters will naturally add and trap moisture in your skin. The added lubrication creates a better lather and will help prevent razor burn or dry skin. 

The Nose Knows

Both creams and soaps are available in scented and unscented options. Shaving creams usually have a stronger scent than soaps and are available in a wider variety of scents. Choose which option is best for you based on your scent preferences and how strong of a scent you would like. 


When it comes to price, both shaving creams and soaps are available around the same price point. Shaving soaps are on average less expensive than creams because they last longer, but you can find lower or higher budget options for both creams and soaps. 

Bottom Line

Whether you prefer creams or soaps, you can still achieve a great shave with practice and the right products.

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