How to Use a Shaving Brush

How to Use a Shaving Brush

The Shaving brush is one of the most important tools in wet shaving. As more men are turning to the traditional wet shave, this classic piece has proved its role. Shaving brushes provide many exceptional benefits and are simple to use. Once you try them your shaving routine will not be the same. 

Benefits of Using Shaving Brushes:

  • Gently exfoliates the surface of the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells
  • Softens and lifts facial hair off the face for an easier shave  
  • Generates a rich, warm lather by whipping air into shaving cream or soap
  • Adds heat to the skin during the shaving process which helps loosen pores and lubricate the skin

How to Use a Shaving Brush:

  • Fill the sink with hot water, dip the brush in (or leave it in the water) until the bristle hairs are thoroughly soaked with hot water and then remove the brush.
  • Next, hold the brush under a hot running faucet. *Do not tap too much excess water off the brush.* The bristles need to retain as much water as possible to keep your face hydrated and protected when you shave.  
  • Finally, run the bristles of the brush over the soap in circular motions to generate lather and apply it to the face. The longer you whisk (20 seconds should be good), the richer the lather, and the more protection it provides to the skin.        

How to Take Care of Your Shaving Brushes:    

  • New brushes should be washed well using warm soapy water before use (the odor of new animal hair brushes goes away after a few uses). Never use chemical detergents to clean the brush or to get rid of the initial smell.
  • Do NOT leave the lathered brush standing
  • Rinse the bristles under warm water after each use (soap residue can destroy the bristles)
  • Remove excess water and shake the brush dry
  • Hang the brush up to further dry with the bristles facing down
  • Replace your brush when the bristles fall out or start to disintegrate in the water   

Which Shaving Brush is Best? 

  • Shaving brushes can be made from many different materials, both synthetic and natural. Natural hair, specifically badger hair, is the best option in a shaving brush. Various types and grades of badger hair are used for the brushes. Silvertip Badger is the highest quality and softest. Super Badger is slightly less soft and flexible but still offers high quality. The next step down, Best Bader and Pure Badger, are slightly more coarse and thick, but create a generous lather and lift the hair. If you want to know more about each type of brush, this guide to badger hair shaving brushes will help you choose the right brush for you. 

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