How to Prevent Beard Acne

Posted by Marketing Team

If you have recently ventured into the bearded lifestyle, you may have noticed some beard-related acne or ingrown hairs. No need to worry if your face is reacting poorly at first, these symptoms can be normal when you are first growing a beard. If you are experiencing these issues, there are simple ways that you can treat it. 

You may not have though about the proper grooming and cleaning care that your beard needs, however, this makes all the difference. You beard, like any other hair, collects dust, dirt and bacteria. While this is also a health benefit, keeping those harmful and gross particles away from your face, it can lead to acne and ingrown hairs if not cleaned often. You will need to properly clean and groom your beard to promote hygiene and healthy hair. 

Just as you clean your other hair regularly, your beard hair is no different. You beard hair may need to be cleaned more often, to keep your face and skin healthy. There are many products, from beard shampoo to beard oils, that can make your cleaning process simple and effective, and keep your beard healthy and looking great. 


Steps to Prevent Beard Acne: 

  1. Wash your beard twice a day with a facial cleanser
  2. Exfoliate and moisturize
  3. Change or wash your pillowcases every few days 
  4. Groom your beard regularly

If these solutions don’t work, it might be best to visit a dermatologist for help with prescription treatments to help keep your beard acne at bay.