How To Fix Your Patchy Beard

Many men dread the thought of Movember and the brutally cold winter season that follows, all because their facial hair grows in patchy. Well, gentlemen, problem solved. It’s simple. LET IT GROW. 

For real, just let it grow! You’ll be surprised at how much ground you gain when you let your beard (or lack thereof) grow and grow. Don’t give it 3 weeks and then shave it off in frustration! Commit. Keep your eyes on the prize, dudes.

To get a great beard, you need PATIENCE. We cannot stress patience enough. Look at this as an opportunity to practice a manly virtue. Be patient. Your beard will grow.

If you’re still looking like Patches O’Houlihan after a full 8 weeks of growing, maybe, just maybe – you might just have to settle for something short.

Pro Tip: Trim your beard short, shape your beard at your jawline and just below your cheekbones, and your patchiness will be far less visible.

Want more info on how to grow and groom your most epic beard yet? Check it.

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