How To Fix Your Patchy Beard


Many men want a full, strong beard, but give up on their dream because their beard grows in patchy at first. Don't let the first few weeks ruin your chance at an amazing beard. The trick is to stick it out, and let it grow. 

If you simply let your beard grow, you'll be surprised at how great it can look once you give it some time. Here is where you need some patience, and patience is key. Don't give up after 3 weeks and shave it off, rather give it the time it needs. Your patience will definitely pay off. 

If you’re still looking patchy after a full 8 weeks of growing, maybe, just maybe – you might just have to settle for something short. Trim your beard short, shape your beard at your jawline and just below your cheekbones, and your patchiness will be far less visible. You can also get creative with your beardy style and trim to minimize any patchy areas. 

Looking for more tips and tricks for beard growth? This guide to growing and grooming your beard gives you step by step instructions to create your perfect beard. 

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