Benefits of Talcum Powder for Skin and Beard Care

Among the thousands of grooming products that exist today, lies a very fine talcum powder. Commonly known as baby powder, talcum powder does, in fact, offer some benefits for all of that facial fuzz you’re sporting, and the skin underneath! Here’s everything you need to know about talcum powder and how it can help in your skincare routine.

Talcum powder is a refined, powdery form of one of the softest minerals in the earth, talc. Mainly made of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen, Talc does not generate a chemical reaction when used on the skin, which is a bonus for you (and babies – and even the baby-faced non-bearded adults)!

Talcum powder is typically used as the very last thing in your shaving routine (you can also use it as a dry shampoo). Simply apply it to the face and neck and you’re good to go!            

Benefits of Talcum Powder:

  • Calms cools and softens the skin after a shave
  • Helps cut down on friction and prevents rashes and bumps
  • Absorbs moisture and oil to keep skin dry
  • Relieves itch       

You see, talcum powder isn’t just for babies’ bottoms!

Taylor of Old Bond Street Mr. Taylor Talcum Powder – $19.09

The Mr. Taylor Talcum Powder will keep you feeling fresh and dry during the day while offering a subtle fragrance. Formulated to absorb moisture, relieve itching, chafing and soothe irritation.

  Clubman Talc – $5.95 
Also available in 9oz.

D.R. Harris Windsor Talcum Powder – $18.99

A fine talc lightly scented with a subtle powdery, floral fragrance.

Clubman Jeris Talc – $5.95

Finest quality talc. World famous since 1810. A fine powder to absorb excess moisture. Leaves skin feeling soft.


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