Health Benefits of Growing a Beard

Check out 5 health benefits of beardedness!

Beards aren’t just for looks! Turns out that your crumb catcher does more than help keeps your shirt clean. Sporting a beard can actually make you healthier.

1. Look young...forever

Some people claim that a beard will make you look older, but they actually help protect your skin from the sun, reducing blemishes and wrinkles. With less sun exposure, you stay younger looking longer! Tell that to your clean-shaven friends! Research has also shown that facial hair blocks up to 95 percent of UV rays from the sun! This reduces your chance of developing skin cancer from exposure to UV rays. The thicker the beard, the better!

2. Reduces asthma and allergy symptoms

Men with asthma, or pollen or dust allergies can benefit from having a beard because (much like nasal hair) it helps by filtering allergens from the air around you.

3. Helps protect you from illness

More beard means more insulation! Grow a beard during the winter to help keep you warm and battle colds!

4. Reduces infections

You know your beardless friends? The ones who shave more often? They tend to suffer from a host of skin-related issues – blemishes, ingrown hairs, cuts, and nicks. All of these injuries leave your skin open to bacteria and could lead to infections. Your beard adds an extra layer of protection, leaving your skin clear, healthy, and blemish-free. Stay bearded, dude!

5. Natural moisture

Your skin secretes natural oils that keep it moisturized. When you shave, that layer of moisture gets removed. Beards allow the natural moisture of your skin to stay intact. They also keep the wind and cold air out, helping your skin battle dryness. Your skin is protected and stays moisturized.

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