Bib & Tucker Shaving Brush, Black Fiber Synthetic

Bib & Tucker

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The Purely Vegan Black Fiber Wet Shaving Brush by Bib & Tucker provides a great quality of comfort while shaving. Get a gentle massage with this brush for a soft experience on the skin.

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Bib & Tucker stocks wet shaving and personal care products as classic as a dry martini and as manly as your beard. Things your grandfather would respect. Nothing trendy or flashy here, only the finest grooming essentials.

  • HIGH QUALITY: Made with pure vegan black fiber and plastic resin, this brush by Bib & Tucker has an outstanding quality for a gentle massage effect to have the best barber experience in your own home.
  • VEGAN: The synthetic fibers resemble the straight natural hair material that is a pleasure to the skin and is a bit more robust and hard-wearing. It is cruelty free for animals making the perfect gift and shaving accessory.
  • DESIGN: The Bib & Tucker Purely Vegan Black Fiber Brush is made in Germany. It is a care product designed to be soft on the face for luxury and comfort when shaving a beard with a razor edge.
  • USAGE: Apply shaving cream with the brush using rotating movements and soft pressure. The longer, the better, that’s how an increasingly firm lather is generated. Let it rest for two minutes, then shave the beard with a sharp blade with a quiet hand.

    CLEANING THE BRUSH: Let fresh water run into the middle of the brush from above. Stroke repeatedly through the bristles from various directions until no residue of lather can be seen in the middle of the brush head. Do not use chemical products.