Social Mission

1% of all sales donated to The Detroit Creativity Project

At Bib&Tucker, we believe in helping others achieve their best self. Our goal is to help individuals become their best selves inside and out, and to partner with organizations that are striving for this same objective.

We are excited to support The Detroit Creativity Project, a school-based Improv Program for Detroit Youth. This program is offered to middle and high school students at no charge and provides them with not only a fun environment, but also a developmental learning experience. We are proud to donate 1% of all sales to The Detroit Creativity Project to help fund students’ tuition for the improv program. Through improv, The Detroit Creativity Project teaches middle and high school students valuable life skills and instills confidence to set them up for success. Improv not only offers a creative outlet for these young adults, but also provides them with important skills and tools for a successful future.

To learn more about The Detroit Creativity Project and how you can become involved, visit the link below: 


Detroit Creativity Projecy