Mr. Natty Dub Hair Preparation

Mr. Natty Dub Hair Preparation

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On the road with the Natty Travelling Barber Shop it was discovered that some of you Natty aficionados have been mixing up Natty products like mad scientists. To save you the bother, Natty did a proper job for you. The new Dub has the dry, matt roughness of Natty Clay with the sharpness and heritage of Pomade Wax. Its an amazing preparation that works on both long and short hair, whether damp or dry, to add both texture and sharpness to your dodgings. Mr Nattys new Dub really is double bubble.

A great all-round product to be used on wet or dry hair. On wet hair it offers a good hold similar to our Clay or Pomade Wax and keeps the shine of Paste. On dry hair it has a slight tacky feel rough, messy and with medium shine. It looks like you don’t care, when obviously, you do. Think Ealing film fight scene. Biff!

100 ml