Muhle Shaving Soap Bar


Muhle Shaving Soap Bar


Shaving soaps from Muhle prepare the skin and beard optimally for a close wet gentle shave.

Aloe Vera is gentle and caring, ideal for those with sensitive skin. The basic substance is extracted from the pulp of aloe vera grown in the Mediterranean. It is moisturizing, soothing, and preserves skin while shaving. Invigorating oak leaf and mint scented.

Sea Buckthorn is fruity and fresh. Rich in palmitic acid that supports natural skin regeneration. Fine fragrance notes of lime and orange.

Sandalwood is warm and sensual, suitable for dry to normal skin. Precious essential oils are achieved by a multi-stage distillation process. Nourishes and pampers skin with fragrance notes of coriander and star anise.

Diameter: 60 mm, 2.4 in