Why Shave It When You Can Scruff It?

Scruff is in.

It’s 2017--times are changing and we change with them. There seems to be a common feature on most men today, and it's that grass grin on your face. Why aren’t men shaving anymore? Can it cost them a job nowadays? Either way, more men are jumping on the facial hair bandwagon and we’re all a-beard it!   

Scruff and Beards Are "in" Style

Styles and fashions are constantly changing. A scruffy look used to mean you were unemployed or between jobs. Now, in a lot of professions, you could be a young executive with scruff and no one would think twice about you, because this style is so IN, man.     

If facial hair is so in, then why shave EVERY morning? According to The Blue Bluebeards Revenge, the average man will spend about 45 days of his life shaving, which equates to a total of 65,520 minutes and 1,092 hours. That’s 45 days, 65,520 minutes and 1,092 hours you could be spending doing other things! (Like taking photos of your awesome fuzzy face and sharing it with us using #staches4life)          

People are sprouting facial hair left and right, and it’s not just during Movember. Like many styles and fashions, the facial hair craze might die down at some point. If it does, rest assured, like the comeback of chokers or fanny packs, the facial hair phase will come back around. Trust us. (Let’s get real here though, a true bearded brother never lets the beard go out of style.)

If you're ready to join the brotherhood of the beard, get started with info on how to grow, maintain, and style your facial hair. To get started, try the Triumph & Disaster Gameface Moisturizer Jar because all great skin and facial hair start with a little moisturizing and exfoliating! The Gameface jar is a tool to serve and protect you from the elements. Specifically designed to be light on the skin and easily absorbed, Gameface is a nutrient-rich moisturizer that will leave you feeling hydrated and fresh. You’ll also want to invest in a good protein shampoo to promote hair strength and remove any buildup that might otherwise get in your way. Try Baxter of California’s nutrient-enriched Daily Protein Shampoo.

Scruff and Beards in the Workplace  

Some people (especially older and higher up executives) think that having facial hair means that you don’t take your appearance seriously. But come on, it’s 2017! People care more about how they look now than ever before. So, if you love your scruff, take it to an interview. We’re not your potential future boss, but as long as your clothes, personality, and the rest of your look show that you care about your appearance, you should be fine. Just be you. The culture of the company will ultimately dictate how you look, dress, and shave, but let’s hope the no shaving thing becomes the new norm. If some people at your office are hip, chic, and otherwise well-styled, the scruff probably isn’t costing the company any business, so scruff on!

If you’re going for a full beard and you wear a suit to work, check out Bib&Tucker’s guide to beards and suits for some direction.

Or, if you’re undecided and need some facial hair direction, check out the 15 best beard styles -- anything from short stubble to a full bandholz, choose one that best suits you.

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