'Stache Styles

Are you down with ‘Staches4Life? Select the best crumb catcher for your face from this list of the 7 most common ‘stache styles!

Chevron Mustache
The Chevron ‘stache, popularized by actor Tom Selleck, is relatively neat and one of the most simplistic takes on mustaches. This style works best on those with coarse, straight hair. To maintain the chevron, trim the longer hair that begins to grow over your mouth.
Walrus Mustache
The Walrus ‘stache, big in the 19th century and part of the 20th century, is no doubt a statement ‘stache. To obtain this style, grow out your facial hair for over 5 months. During this time, the hair will begin to hang over your top lip, giving it a walrus look. Make sure to shave your remaining facial hair to obtain a true walrus ‘stache.
Handlebar Mustache
The Handlebar ‘stache is a street style favorite, with curved ends that spiral toward the cheekbones. To style the handlebar, use a small dab of mustache wax and wind each end outward, creating the curved ends.

Pencil Mustache
The Pencil, a more vintage take on facial hair, may resemble those ‘staches from your favorite forties film (if that’s even a thing?). This style takes about a month to grow out and needs to be maintained frequently, as the bottom of the ‘stache should resemble the straightness of a pencil.

Horseshoe Mustache
The Horseshoe, a distinctive, bold, and exaggerated ‘stache is constantly sported by Hulk Hogan. It takes months to grow enough hair to rock this look like Hogan does. Once your hair is long enough, trim up the edges, creating an upside-down U-shaped look (or horseshoe). Next, shave your chin, leaving the illusion that your mustache ends where your chin meets your neck.
Cowboy Mustache
The Cowboy, a Nick Offerman signature ‘stache, is a thicker, longer, and more scraggly version of the Chevron/Selleck ‘stache. This style should not be too neat and should be rugged and less groomed than other ‘staches. It’s best to tidy up this style with a pair of mustache scissors.
Scruffy Mustache
The Scruffy ‘stache is one favored by high profile actors (Johnny Depp and James Franco), and is not very distinctive, making this a good style for first-timers. As this is a short ‘stache, typically accompanied by stubble, it softens your look and it won’t take long for you to grow your facial hair long enough required for this style. To maintain this look, trim your mustache and stubble evenly.

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