Peacocking 101

Shake your tail feathers, gentlemen! We’re about to give you the lowdown on how to attract your soulmate. The answer: Peacocking.  

When it comes to meeting your future bae, first impressions are everything. So, what’s the best way you can make a freaking awesome first impression? Dress to impress! According to Urban Dictionary, peacocking quite literally means: dressing for attention. Just like peacocks use their feathers to get a mate. True story. So guys, if you want a mate you better start strutting your stuff.   

How to Peacock

How are they supposed to notice you if you blend in with the crowd? Peacocks, as flamboyant as they are, are doing it right. Don’t be shy! Show your own bright colors.    

Let’s get one thing straight, fancy dress and peacocking are not the same.

Leave the peacocking for your layers and accessories. For example, statement blazers, bright hats, and vibrant or blingy accessories are all acceptable when peacocking.

Turn it into a full-on outfit, like the sign spinning mascot for your local pizza joint, and you need to reel it back in, dude. You’ve gone too far. 

Remember, this isn’t Halloween, so make subtle statements and be on your way. Peacocks are beautiful and all they have going for them is that wide span of vibrant colored feathers, so take some inspiration from them. Wear some awesome patterns, colors, and throw in some accessories, but don’t go too crazy–just enough for potential bae to notice you. 

Pro Tips:

  • You can make your big entrance and peacock the crowd, but once they notice you, you can subtly shed your brightness and let them get to know you without the extra bling.  
  • Don’t ignore dress codes. You don’t want to be disrespectful and show up bright and flashy to a black-tie event.

Peacocking doesn’t have to be so serious either. Let your personality shine through. If you want to be a major peacock and overdo it for the hell of it, we say go for it! But when your unexpected bae approaches you to ask you why you’re wearing a ruffled orange suit and a top hat, or a blinged out jean jacket, will you own it or run for the closest exit door?       

Be you and fly free, my peacocks!       

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