Ingrown Hairs 101

When it comes to ingrown hair, an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Read on, and learn how you can avoid these painful, unsightly bumps.

Ingrown hairs form when a hair curls back on itself or grows sideways into the skin, causing inflammation and a pimple-like bump. These bumps look gross, hurt like hell and are more common in those with coarse or curly hair.

The easiest way to prevent ingrown hair is to exfoliate. Wash your face and beard a few times a week with a facial scrub or exfoliating cleanser. This will help clear any follicles that are just starting to in-grow and make sure follicles won’t get clogged with dead skin cells in the future.  Not only does this routine keep you looking clean and polished, it stops in-grown hairs from developing.

Treating an Ingrown Hair:

1. Use a warm compress on the area for a few minutes
2. Gently try removing the hair with tweezers (or another sharp device)
3. Wash the area with warm water and moisturizing soap
4. Use another warm compress on the area for a few minutes at a time
5. Exfoliate twice a day to remove any dead skin cells, dirt, and oils

Lastly, be careful shaving! Shaving in the wrong direction or tugging on your hair with a razor can cause ingrown hairs. Make sure you are paying attention and shaving in the direction of your hair growth.

Pro Tip: Ingrown hairs are more common for those who shave. Translation: shave less, stay bearded, and keep it clean!

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