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Established In 1805, Truefitt & Hill is the oldest barbershop in the world! Over 200 years ago, William Francis Truefitt, a hairdresser for the British Royal Court, opened a shop offering barber services and highly sought after gentlemen’s wigs. Today, the company is still focused on quality grooming products and keeping their reputation of serving the public and Britain’s royal clientele. All of their products are made in England and reflect Britain’s rich heritage. You’re guaranteed to find something that best suits your style because Truefitt & Hill products have scent profiles that range from traditional to modern.

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Shaving Cream Bowl – $30.00

This glycerin-based shaving cream is an excellent way to achieve an incredibly close, yet comfortable shave. Although not required, use a Truefitt & Hill badger hair brush for the optimal shaving experience.

Moisturizing Vitamin E Shampoo – $30.00

This hydrating vitamin E protein and glycerin formula is perfect for nourishing dry hair. It leaves your hair moisturized and shiny and smells subtly of lemongrass and bergamot. Suitable for dry / damaged hair.

Ultimate Comfort Aftershave Balm – $32.00

A rich, soothing, unscented moisturizer that contains lanolin and aloe vera extract and reduces irritation for those with particularly sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types but specially formulated for gentlemen with sensitive skin. Apply a small amount of balm into hands and massage into the face and neck area after shaving.   


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