Get to Know Mühle

Posted by Emily Wheeler


What started in 1945 as a small family business has quickly grown to become one of the biggest names in shaving. Otto Johannes Müller started making shaving brushes in 1945 out of a passion for wet shaving and craftsmanship. The company quickly grew into a well-known and recognized brand, delivering its products all around the world. The company is based out of Saxony, Germany and still delivers products around the world today. The Mühle brand has been family owned and operated for three generations. Their entire business is guided by a passion to create a peaceful and enjoyable ritual of wet shaving. Going back to the tradition of wet shaving, their goal is to help create a routine that you look forward to every single day, where you can take your time and really enjoy the process. 

Superior craftsmanship and quality, along with a strong attention to detail, are the guiding factors in every step of their process. This helps Mühle to create some of the highest quality products in the industry. Many of the Mühle products are still handmade and follow traditional processes to retain the level of quality and craftsmanship that they held throughout the years. Even today, their craftsmanship and design hold one of the highest standards in shaving and grooming. 


Muhle Production


Mühle has expertly combined time-tested traditions with the forward-thinking practice of innovation. They are consistently looking for new ways to improve and innovate, without sacrificing the necessary traditional practices and processes. Guided by a desire to create the very best products, they have progressed throughout the years by using innovative techniques and only the best materials. One example of their innovation was creating their own synthetic fiber shaving brush. When they recognized a need for a truly great synthetic fiber shaving brush, they set out to create their own that matched the standards of quality of some of the best natural shaving brushes. They developed their own unique vegan fibers, Black Fibre and Silvertip Fibre, which set new standards for all synthetic fibers. With incredibly soft tips and a sturdy massaging effect, their synthetic brushes are gentle yet still create the perfect lather. 


Muhle Shaving Brushes


Not only are they careful to use the best practices and craftsmanship, but they also carefully select only the best materials for their products. Mühle sources their products from some of the best ingredients and raw materials, while also being environmentally conscious. The company's relationship with and respect towards nature is another key aspect of the brand. As part of their mission to be a sustainably conscious company, most of their products are specifically designed to last a lifetime. The level of quality and exquisite craftsmanship creates products that are meant to last, eliminating the need to replace them often. They also operate all products systems with 100% green electricity and are making changes in product packaging and materials to make recycling easier and reduce waste. 

Mühle also has a physical location as well. You can visit the Mühle store in London where you can shop their amazing products. Their shaving store in London also includes a full barbershop where you can go for a traditional wet shave, haircut, shaving tutorial, facial, and more. The barbershop has been named one of the city's best and is a place where anyone can go to learn more about wet shaving and proper grooming practices. 

 Muhle Store


Whether you have some Mühle products already or you've never tried them, we've listed some of our favorite Mühle products to get you started. 


Mühle Twist Traditional Closed Comb Safety Razor

Muhle Twist Traditional Safety Razor

This Mühle Safety Razor combines the classic style and look of a traditional safety razor with precision mechanics to offer a classic, yet highly functional and easy to use razor. Made with a chrome-finish, this razor is corrosion resistant to last a lifetime. The closed comb design is perfect for beginners or those looking for additional protection. The twist design makes it easy to remove and replace your blades. 


Mühle Classic Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

Muhle Classic Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

 Made with only the best, carefully selected Silvertip Badger hair, this classic shaving brush from Mühle provides superior softness with sturdy and flexible bristles for the perfect lather. Handcrafted with a semi-circular shape to retain the natural softness of the hairs, they offer a gentle massaging effect on your skin. The fine hairs also retain water well to aid in lathering your shaving soap or cream. 



Muhle Silvertip Fibre Traditional Shaving Brush
Made with Mühle's own unique vegan Silvertip Fibre, this brush provides the same benefits of a natural shaving brush in a vegan option. The fibres have soft, fine tips that are gentle on your skin, while the sturdy middle section offers the desired firmness to easily lather and apply your shaving cream or soap. Synthetic fibres also dry more quickly and are resistant to shaving creams and soap, making them last longer than a traditional brush. 
Muhle Shaving Soap in Porcelain Bowl
Mühle's shaving soap formula is specifically designed to help prepare your skin and hair for an incredibly close wet shave. You can easily create a light, rich roam that feels great on your skin and provides amazing protection while shaving. This products offers a sustainable and eco-friendly option as the bowl can be used for years with available soap refills. The shaving soap is available in Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn, and Sandalwood. 



Muhle Organic Aftershave Balm
Part of their Organic collection, this aftershave balm offers a more gentle and moisturizing alternative to traditional alcohol-based aftershaves. Made entirely from raw, organic ingredients and sourced from organic farming and wild harvesting, this collection helps promotes sustainability. Rich in Argan oil, vitamin E and antioxidants, this formula will hydrate and replenish lost moisture from shaving. 



Muhle Brown Leather Case, Silvertip Fibre & Safety Razor Travel Set
Looking for the perfect travel shaving set? This set from Mühle gives you the same enjoyable and excellent wet shaving experience from anywhere. The handmade leather case is compact enough for any travel and keeps you shaving tools safe and clean. The Silvertip Fibre vegan shaving brush is great for travel as it dries quicker and is resistant to shaving creams and soaps. The classic safety razor is simple to use and comes with a blade guard to protect the razor and prevent any cuts while traveling. Available in brown leather and black leather case.