Get to Know Mondial 1908

Posted by Emily Wheeler


Meet Mondial 1908, a quality beard and grooming company that has worked for almost a century to bring you the highest caliber products. Mondial 1908 offers a variety of products including razors, beard creams, shaving brushes and more! 



In 1908, a small artisan began crafting his first piece in a small workshop in the center of Florence, Italy: the shaving brush. The first few pieces he made were skillfully handcrafted shaving brushes and razors made of rare and precious materials. The incredible quality of their current products comes from years of refining and perfecting his design. As the company began to grow, the founders decided to join forces with another artisan company specializing in shaving creams and soaps. With this new partnership, Mondial 1908 was slowly beginning to take shape and gain notoriety in the men's grooming business.

Quality craftsmanship and the desire to produce exceptional products is still the core belief of this brand. As technology has progressed, they have combined new production practices with traditional practices in order to maintain attention to detail and their exceptional quality-level. Just as Mondial claims, it truly is the "ultimate expression of Italian excellence in the world of men's shaving and cosmetics."

Today Mondial 1908 has a Gentlemen's Barbershop located in the beautiful city of Borgo San Jacopo Florence. This barbershop brings an elegant and modern touch to the Italian tradition of grooming. Mondial Master Barbers serve as "skilled image consultants" in this luxurious shop where they strive to put their customers at ease.



The main mission of every collection Mondial 1908 has is to ensure the safety of your facial skin and that you experience a smooth shave. They look back to traditional shaving practices as inspiration for their products. Each collection has incredibly refreshing, moisturizing, and completely natural products. For the past several years this company has dedicated much of its time and attention to their fragrances and perfumes. Below we have listed some of Mondial's most prestigious fragrances and included a description of each scent. 

N°908 provides a deep and intriguing fragrance that was designed to portray confidence and charm throughout the entire collection of products. The scent is the perfect balance of citrus top notes, light spices, and warm wood tones including cedar, vetiver and musk. Including the fragrance, aftershave, shaving cream and more, this scent provides a lasting fragrance in all of its products. 

Axolute is a vivid fragrance inspired by the sea and a sense of freedom. Based on the Mediterranean atmosphere, this fragrance includes fresh citrus notes combined with warm rare spices and woody tones. The lighter notes of lemon and bergamot pair perfectly with orange blossom and cedar to provide an exceptionally fresh, everyday scent. This strong and adventurous scent is also available in a fragrance, shaving cream, aftershave, and other products. 

Antica Barberia is a collection that goes hand in hand with their comprehensive beard and mustache grooming products. The scent was based on the traditional barbershop scents and ingredients, including lemon, bergamot, sandalwood, and cedar. With notes of intense wood combined with captivating citrus, this collection is perfect for those who love a traditional barbershop scent. 


Whether you're new to the Mondial brand or have just started using their products, we've gathered some of our best-selling and favorite Mondial 1908 items so you can learn a little more about each of their products.


Mondial N 908 Shaving Cream

Mondial N°908 Traditional Shaving Cream 

N°908 is a high-quality shaving cream with an enticing smell of fresh citrus, floral, and spicy notes. This rich and creamy shaving cream will have you feeling luxurious and pleasant through every shave. 


Mondial Gibson Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

Mondial Gibson Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush 

Entirely handcrafted with flexible fibers, this shaving brush allows you to achieve a more close and comfortable shave. This shaving brush is top of its class in look, feel, and affect. Made of the best raw materials and the softest Silvertip Badger, this brush offers some of the best quality that you can find. 


Mondial Wenge Mach 3 Razor

Mondial Wenge Mach 3 Razor 

Entirely hand-made, this Mach 3 Razor is the highest in its class for a smooth and close shave. This highly precise razor provides added control and closeness while shaving. The wooden handle presents a unique and comfortable grip that you won't find in other razors. 


Mondial Axolute Aftershave Gel

Mondial Axolute Aftershave Gel 

This gentle aftershave is developed from essential oils that fully hydrate and moisturize your skin. The blend of menthol and essential oils creates a perfect softening and toning effect to help soothe your skin after shaving. Although designed to be used after shaving, this product's great scent and ability to give you smooth skin will make you want to use it every day. 


Mondial Axolute Eau de Toilette

Mondial Axolute Eau de Toilette 

The perfect aroma for everyday wear with an appealing fresh citrus scent, this fragrance will have you smelling fresh and delightful every time you wear it. Its essence represents a determined and enthusiastic character as it is compared to the adventurous Mediterranean atmosphere.