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Renowned for their classic shaving supplies and best known for their glycerin shaving soap, Colonel Conk stocks quality products for wet shavers.    

Colonel Conk’s History

In 1866, after the Civil War, Colonel Ichabod Conk traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, he began to date and later marry a woman who shaved men’s faces daily. After keeping his wife’s books and helping her customers for years, he had an idea to start selling shaving supplies. This drove him to became one of the original traveling salesmen, giving men the opportunity to obtain shaving products and toiletries to use on their own. When the Colonel died in 1898, his business did too.       

About Colonel Conk Today

The current ownership of Colonel Conk discovered the Colonel’s legacy and decided to continue the legend in today’s marketplace. They have built a worldwide reputation and have expanded to a full line of quality straight razors, safety razors, shaving mugs and brushes, complete shaving sets, aftershaves and balms, flasks, and gift sets.

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Bay Rum Shave Soap - $4.95

o old school! The Bay Rum scent accompanies a rich, thick lather that promotes that smooth, sure glide while you're shaving. It also attracts water to the skin and absorbs water from the air.

To put it simply: you're moisturizing while you're shaving with Col Conk's Bay Rum Shave Soap.

2.25 oz and 2.5" in diameter. Made in USA.

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Hardwood Stand – $17.99

Walnut finish, holds razor and brush.

Pure Badger Shave Brush – $29.99

Pure Badger Shave Brush with Chrome Handle. The brush is 4″ high with a 21 mm knot size.

Apothecary Mug – $20.99

Mug with ball grip. 2.25 oz soap included. 

5pc. Beechwood Shave Set – $79.99

Lighten up and flip a lid with this 5 piece Beechwood Shave Set. A rare combination of blonde wood and chrome makes this a standout choice for those seeking an understated shave set.


  • Mach 3 Razor with Beech wood handle
  • Stylish modern Chrome Stand
  • Pure Badger Brush with solid Beech wood handle
  • Col. Conk 2.25 oz. shave soap to provide signature glide
  • Matching Beechwood bowl with protective lid

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