Bib&Tucker 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Marketing Team

This holiday season help your family and friends feel extra special with a gift that will make every morning a little brighter. Spending a little extra time on our self-care can go a long way. Give your loved ones the gift of quality self-care with the products and tools to start their day off right. 

We are here to help you find the right products that will help the people that you care about look and feel their best. Upgrade their daily routine with thoughtful items that they will appreciate every day. Whether you are looking for someone who is completely new to wet shaving or is more experienced, we’ve collected some of our best gift sets at a range of price points so you can find the perfect gift for anyone.



Bib&Tucker Sandalwood and Pure Badger Shaving Kit 

Bib&Tucker Sandalwood Shaving Set

If you are trying to stick to a budget, this Bib&Tucker set is the perfect gift. The kit includes a tub of Sandalwood shaving cream and a Pure Badger shaving brush. Depending on how often you shave, the tub lasts a very long time and the brush will last for a few years. The brush helps you to whip up the perfect consistency, while the shaving cream quickly creates a rich lather. One of the most popular scents, Sandalwood offers a unique blend of light, fresh notes combined with warm wood tones that creates the perfect balance. Easy to use with either a cartridge or safety razor, this set is perfect for a beginner or experienced wet shaver. This set also comes in a Black Fiber Shaving Brush option if you prefer a Vegan shaving brush.




 D.R. Harris Bath Soap Trio

D.R. Harris Bath Soap Trio

If you are looking for a way to treat someone to a little self-care, this bath soap trio is the perfect way to pamper them. All D.R. Harris soaps are triple-milled for a longer lasting, quality lather so you can use less. The soap is soft and gentle on the skin and creates a more pleasant experience. This set includes Almond Oil, Arlington, and Lavender bath soap bars. One of D.R. Harris’s most popular scents, the Almond Oil soap is made with a gentle formula and includes nourishing almond oil to hydrate the skin. The Arlington scent includes the light and fresh scents of Citrus and Fern, and the Lavender soap is scented with D.R. Harris’s signature Lavender scent with natural oils. Not only will they appreciate this gift every day, but it is also a great way to discover your new favorite scent!




Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Aftershave and Shaving Cream Set

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Set


The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys Sandalwood, this set from Taylor of Old Bond Street includes a Sandalwood shaving cream tub and aftershave presented in a luxury gift box. This set is perfect for the person who already has their favorite razor and shaving brush. You can gift them the ideal set to complete their collection. Plus, the luxury gift box is designed ready to be gifted. The shaving cream creates a rich lather and protects the skin while shaving, and the matching aftershave leaves the skin invigorated. Taylor’s classic Sandalwood fragrance includes floral notes with warm Patchouli and Sandalwood for the perfect blend. An excellent set for anyone who is a fan of Sandalwood or who is looking for a classic and traditional shaving scent.




Taylor of Old Bond Pure Badger and Jermyn Street Gift Set 

Taylor of Old Bond Street Pure Badger and Jermyn Street Gift Set

Looking for someone who has sensitive skin or is sensitive to certain fragrances? The Jermyn Street Collection by Taylor of Old Bond Street was specifically designed for those with sensitive skin. It is made with a unique allergen-free fragrance and designed to be gentle on the skin. The set includes a Jermyn Street shaving cream tub and Pure Badger shaving brush, and is ideal for both beginners and experienced wet shavers. This set is also available in a luxury wooden gift box that is ready to be gifted. If you know that they’re struggling to find a product that works for their skin, you can give them a gift that will make all the difference in their daily routine and provide them with an enjoyable experience.




D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Gift Set 

D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Set

This classic set from D.R. Harris includes a traditional shaving bowl with Marlborough shaving soap and a shaving brush produced by one of the top British brush makers. Not only does it offer high quality products, but it is also a very economical and sustainable option. The hand-turned wooden shaving bowl has been treated to last for years and works perfectly with available soap refills. They will be able to use this gift for years to come, and it gives them the opportunity to try out any or all of D.R. Harris’s seven soap refill scents. Each shaving soap will last for months, so they don’t need to worry about running out for a while. The soap is triple-milled to create a more rich lather and is made with high-quality ingredients. This set is available in mahogany effect or beechwood bowls, and is also available in Arlington shaving soap set.




Taylor Of Old Bond Street Edwardian Imitation Ivory Mach 3 Shaving Set 

Taylor of Old Bond Street Edwardian Shaving Set

The ultimate gift for the shaving enthusiast in your life, this shaving set from Taylor of Old Bond Street includes their elegant Edwardian style razor and shaving brush in imitation ivory. The Mach 3 razor is easy to use and is ideal for a shaving novice or pro. A chrome-finished stand is the perfect way to keep all of your shaving tools organized and clean, and it is finished in corrosion-resistant material to last longer. Imitation ivory provides a refined look, while the storage set keeps your counter organized and clean. You can choose from either a Pure Badger or Super Badger shaving brush with this set. Super Badger is slightly more soft and flexible then the Pure Badger, however, the Pure Badger still creates a very pleasant experience and comes at a lower cost. With a timeless and clean look, this set is the perfect addition to any shaving enthusiast’s bathroom counter.



If you are looking for something else, head over to our Collections page for all our products. From shaving, grooming, bath and body, skincare to haircare, we have everything that you are looking for. If you already know what their favorite scent or specific product is, shop through our collections to surprise them with their tried and true pick!