Bearded is the New Black: Can Beard Oils Help the Fragrance Industry?

Beard oil, a niche grooming product for men, is climbing its way up the fragrance industry and into stardom. Although beard related products only represent less than 1 percent of the men’s beauty market, production of these items has quadrupled in the last few years. Why? Millennials! They have to be good for something, right?   

Aftershave is Old, Beards are New

Fewer millennials are shaving, which mean it’s time to embrace the beard. As more and more men are ditching the razor and embracing their fuzzy facial fur, the grooming industry is feeling the effect. In fact, in the last year, aftershave sales dropped a whopping 11% because a rise in beards eliminates the need for products like aftershave. So, what does the future of men’s grooming look like? More beards (we hope)!

While Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are still using aftershave, Millennials are starting to push them and their (outdated) ways aside when it comes to men’s grooming, and as more brands catch on, we could see a rise and normalcy in beard care products like beard oil in the future. May the beards live on!       

So, What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is specifically designed to mimic the natural oils produced by your skin in order to give back what your facial fur is losing during washing and grooming.

Benefits of Beard Oil:

  • Moisturizes beard and skin
  • Hydrates beard and skin
  • Helps prevent beard dandruff
  • Smells good (the scented kind)
  • Can act as a styling tool     

How To Use Beard Oil:

The best time to apply beard oil is right after you’ve washed your beard while the pores of your skin and hair follicles are open and can easily absorb the oil and its nutrients. First, towel dry your beard to get rid of any moisture (water and oil don’t mix!). Next, apply a few drops to your palm and massage it into your beard and the skin underneath. Finally, make sure the oil is thoroughly and evenly distributed.

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