Beard Acne 101

Wondering why your beard is causing breakouts?

If you’re new to the beard game, don’t be surprised if your face is reacting badly to the change and you’re sprouting some beard-related acne or ingrown hairs. Some men tend to neglect proper beard grooming and hygiene when they move from clean shaven to bearded. Surprise! Beards collect dust, dirt, and bacteria (in the same way nasal hair does, a health benefit) but that can lead to acne if you’re not following a cleaning regimen. So listen up, bearded bros!

Steps to Prevent Beard Acne: 

  1. Wash your beard twice a day with a facial cleanser
  2. Exfoliate and moisturize
  3. Change or wash your pillowcases every few days 
  4. Groom that beard! 

If these solutions don’t work, it might be best to visit a dermatologist for help with prescription treatments to help keep your beard acne at bay.

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